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Zilpah P. Grant Banister Papers

    Series D: Maps and charts

Digitization has been postponed for this series, as 
many items are awaiting conservation treatment. 

18 items.

Series Description

MAPS AND CHARTS: 18 maps and charts owned by Banister. Some were made by Banister to use as classroom tools. Many are geological charts.


Description: Physical Dimensions:
Map 1: Palestine 1  
A linen map in four colors showing regions of Palestine.
21.5 x 36 inches
Map 2: Asia.  
A linen map with dots showing the locations of selected cities.
27 x 29.5 inches
Map 3:  United States 1  
A linen map in four colors (probably made ca. 1819-1832).
26 x 36 inches 
Map 4: Mississippi River Valley.  
A linen map showing rivers and lakes, and state boundaries as they were between 1819 and 1836
25 x 49.5 inches 
Map 5: United States 2 (naval expeditions in the Revolution).  
A linen map showing routes of Revolutionary War era naval expeditions and mountain ranges
25 x 50 inches 
Map 6: Palestine 2  
A linen map of Palestine showing the dead sea and "Simeon" (land belonging to that tribe? )
23 x 27 inches 
Map 7: Mid-Atlantic United States.  
A linen map showing General Howe's voyage in July 1777.  It also includes state lines and mountain ranges
24.75 x 41 inches 
Map 8: New England.  
A linen map showing states and county lines, with dots to represent selected towns. 
24.5 x 45 inches 
Map 9: A Tabular View of the Stratified Rocks.  
A multi-colored linen chart showing stratified rocks
22.5 x 123 inches 
Map 10:  Ideal Section of the Crust of the Globe.  
A colorful linen chart showing the earth's crust
22.5 x 84 inches 
Map  11: Beds, Veins and Overlying Masses of Trap Rock.  
A linen chart in three colors showing trap rock
12.5 x 22.5 inches 
Map 12: Section of the Tyrolese Alps. 18 x __ inches
Map 13: Section Showing the Classes and Larger Groups of Rocks.  
A colorful linen geological chart
22.5 x 41 inches 
Map 14: Valleys.  
A colorful linen map showing kinds of valleys
15.5 x 28 inches


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