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    Series 1: Biographical Materials


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Folder 1
click to view document Title page and author's flyleaf inscription (photocopy) of the book Sentimental Tommy: The Story of His Boyhood by J. M. Barrie (NY: Scribner's). 1896 November
click to view document Newsclippings - Springfield Republican 
Re:  Conference on physical training held at the YMCA.
1899 June
click to view document News clipping [unknown publication]:  
"Admirable and Successful and To Be Repeated" (Re: entertainments at the Home Culture Club House featuring Miss Berenson)
n.d. [1890s?] February 24
click to view document Wedding announcement [in Italian] 1901 July 24
click to view document "The Need of a New Gymnasium" [1911?]
click to view document News clipping - NY Herald: 
"'Dan Cupid' Disarranges Cabin Passenger List"
1911 June 24
click to view document News clipping:  [?] Register  
"A. A. Banquet" [Athletic Association of Smith College]
1936 April 26
click to view document Article: "Senda Berenson:  Director of Physical Education at Smith College, 1892-1911."  In: "Pioneer Women in Physical Education" Supplement to The Research Quarterly (American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation) 1941 October
not available [Unknown publication]  
"Mrs. S. B. Abbott Receives Award" (from Wellesley College Dept. of Hygiene and Physical Education)
1952 June 26
not available The Emburette (Mary Burnham  School)  
"Snoopy Spies on Sports"
1967 Feb. 24
not available TLS: Rachel E. Bryant (Amer. Assoc. for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Washington, DC) to Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth, Northampton  
(Re: Senda Berenson as editor of Basketball Rules for Women)
1971 Jan. 27
not available Article in Coaching Women's Basketball (official journal of the WBCA):  
"Senda Berenson - New Woman: New Sport" by Betty Spears
Dec/Jan 1992
not available Women Unlimited: 
"Senda Berenson: Sport Revolutionary" by Betty Spears
1992 Jan.
not available Melpomene: A Journal of Women's Health Research: 
"Senda Berenson and the Early Days of Women's Sports" by Hollis V. Pfitsch
1994 Fall
not available NY Times: 
"Gibson Girls Become Basketball Women: In Praise of the First Intercollegiate Women's Game, Played 100 Years Ago" by Sue Macy (p. 11)
1996 March 24
not available Springfield Union-News: 
"WMass women of merit" by Dick Garvey
1996 Oct. 31
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.): 
"100 Years Ago" (Re: leave of absence granted Senda Berenson to pursue advanced study of the Ling system in the universities at Sweden)
1997 March 8-9
not available Correspondence of Ralph B. Perry III and Cathy Lindquist  
Re: Mr. Perry's memories of his great aunt Senda Berenson
1997 Aug. 29  
1998 Feb. 2
not available [Daily Hampshire Gazette?]  
Re: Bernard Berenson, art historian, and his impressions while visiting his sister in Massachusetts in 1894
click to view document Boston Herald: 
Typed transcript of a faded article re: student coaching
n.d. [probably 1920s]
click to view document Pen and ink drawing: "Corridor of Old Mission at San Fernando, Cal." by W. Traver ("To Miss Senda B.") 1895 June
Folder 2  
(Re: Election of SB to Basketball Hall of Fame)
click to view document Correspondence (4 items) between Dorothy Ainsworth (Prof. Emeritus, Smith College) and Lee Williams (Executive Director, Basketball Hall of Fame)  [Williams letters not digitized]  1970 May 1 - 1971 Oct. 29
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette: 
"Women join ranks at Hall of Fame"
1985 April 8
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette: 
"Hoop hall of fame to honor first women"
1985 June 29
not available Program: 18th Annual Enshrinement Dinner, Basketball Hall of Fame (event at which SB  was inducted) 1985 July 1
not available NY Times: 
"Where Basketball Keeps Its Trophies" 
(travel piece on Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, MA)
1994 Jan. 9
not available Memo: Rachel E. Bryant (Amer. Assoc. for Health, Physical Educ. and Recreation) to Dorothy Ainsworth 
Re: references to SB in 1959 edition of The History of Physical Education by Lee, Hutchinson & Rice
Folder 3
click to view document The Illustrated Sporting News: 
"Physical Training in Women's Colleges - Smith."
1904 June 4
click to view document [Publication unknown] 
"College Girl from West Better Athlete Than Eastern Sister."
1907 Feb. 10
click to view document Husmodern: 
"En Banbrytare for Svensk Gymnastik I U.S.A." [In Swedish; illus.]
1922 June 4
click to view document Translation of Swedish article
click to view document Springfield Sunday Republican 
Photogravure section:  "They declared the seniors winners of the gym meet at Smith College..." (photo featuring SBA and other physical education instructors)
1923 April 1
Folder 4: 
Notes by Agnes Stillman for graduate thesis
click to view document "A Capsule Biography of Senda Berenson Abbott, Compiled by Agnes Stillman" 1971
click to view document Notes made by Agnes Stillman, graduate student, Smith College, on Senda Berenson Abbott 1971 Jan.
Folder 5 
click to view document Notebook of songs, poems and notes n.d.


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